Erbil Build Expo Facilitates Successful B2B Meetings Between Turkish Companies and State Institutions

31 May 20232 okuma

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq - 23-26 May 2023 - Erbil Build Expo, the prestigious international building, construction, and municipal equipment fair, recently concluded a series of highly successful B2B meetings between Turkish companies and state institutions and related subsidiary entities. The event, held at the Erbil International Fairground, brought together industry leaders and government representatives, fostering collaboration and driving business opportunities in the region.

 With its strategic location and growing economic significance, Erbil Build Expo has become a prominent platform for Turkish companies seeking to expand their presence in the Iraqi market. The B2B meetings facilitated direct interactions between Turkish businesses and various state institutions, including the Iraqi Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Construction and Settlement, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Planning, and other key stakeholders. These meetings allowed participants to explore potential partnerships, discuss investment opportunities, and showcase their innovative solutions in the construction and building sectors.

 The outcomes of these B2B meetings were highly fruitful, with several agreements and collaborations being established between Turkish companies and Iraqi state institutions. These partnerships are expected to contribute significantly to the development and growth of the construction industry in the region, while also fostering economic cooperation between Turkey and Iraq.

 Erbil Build Expo remains committed to fostering productive networking opportunities, facilitating business transactions, and promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise within the construction and building sectors. The event continues to play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, attracting international investment, and contributing to the overall development of the region.

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31 May 20231 okuma

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Erbil Build Expo Facilitates Successful B2B Meetings Between Turkish Companies and State Institutions

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